Give all your Info to Intel True Key app

Intel's True Key app saves all your paswords, so you don't have to remember any of them.

Basically what i see is "Give us all your passwords and credit card data and we promise we will not give it to anybody".
This may be harmless as f*ck, but my issue is, that it's Intel, and they are quite famous for giving backdoors to NSA and so...

So what do you guyz thing? Should we give all our data to Intel, protected by Encryption? Locally...

Encrypted locally, sure cool where does it go then? No way to see the innards of the code, could be doing all sorts of stuff, I doubt it is but...

And its all for nothing if you are on Win10 anyway as they still have not said what is being sent even when "everything" is off.

But on the other hand LastPass has been around for a while and I know a few people around here use it, more or less does the same thing.

id give this thing passwords to pandora and other harmless shit, that's basically it. dont trust it with sensitive info

If I'm honest, I'd probably trust Intel more so than another smaller third party.
I don't use an online password store though, and for personal stuff I haven't really had the need.

For business and/or world domination/human trafficing/drug rings etc, I wouldn't upload my key database anywhere, local store + key file on person + password in my brains.

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Speaking from experience?

I was just being a smart ass. But it basically comes down to - I'd trust Intel with my personal use stuff, I'd trust nobody with anything secretive/high value.

I have used Last Pass for maybe 2 years now. It has 2 part authentication if that makes it more secure in your opinion. Still stores the codes in the cloud.

It is a matter of trust vs convenience.