GitHub Replaced Repo

Hey guys I was trying to update one of my GitHub repositories but when I did a
git push -f origin master
after pulling had some merging issues and now my updated code is on github that I kept locally but it added txt to my files like >>>>>>>>>>> Head but not the GitHub files.

I was wondering how you are really supposed to update a repo without pulling from it first because I may keep the code local and if there is a way to get my old repo back on Github because it got rid of the one I started in July and created a new one for August 7th?

Branches are your friends. Learn them, love them, use them.

This repo of yours, are other people making changes to it? You shouldn't have any merge conflicts if you're the only one who's pushing. If other people are contributing, then it's probably important to solve those merge conflicts before you push. Unless you reverted, I don't see how else you could run into this.

P.S. Never use -f. It tends to break stuff.

Is there any revision history on the repo?