Git GUI Clients

Hello. I've been thinking recently of building a git GUI client (open source and free). I almost never use git GUIs because I am relatively comfortable with the CLI, however sometimes it can be a lifesaver as a tool to visualize the DAG, to view diffs, or to add/remove individual hunks to/from the staging area.

In the past I have tried SourceTree, and GitKraken. Both are gratis, but not open-source. Both also require the user to sign up with the aforementioned companies and login in (!) order to use them.

Would be curious to hear other people's opinions on git GUIs or other clients you use that work for you. I'm trying to figure out if signing up / logging in for software that shouldn't even require internet access would even be a meaningful differentiator or if most people just don't care either way. I'm very open to the idea that people don't care and just want to get work done, so they will use the most convenient software even if it requires creating an account and logging in every time you open it on your machine.

Personally I'm also happy with the CLI and gitk when it's helpful to view the DAG.
At work they also supply us with SmartGit - it's nice and a lot of people rely on it but it is not free in any sense.

My opinion - the people that would be bothered about signing up and logging in for a GUI client aren't the kind of people that need a GUI client. If one falls in their lap then they may use it, but it's probably a niche of a niche of a niche market.

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I'm not sure that I would use it, but I can think of a good amount of people who would. It would be a good way to help bridge functionality to more casual users.

I use github desktop client when I am on windows and I like it.
But in a month I start a new course in computer communication that is linux based and there is no github desktop there. I´d like to have a good GUI client. For me it doesn´t matter if it is open or not but it have to be good. I have enough on my mind than remember how to do things by the terminal.
A convenient software is important but signing in every time I start my computer would drive me mad. For me it is just commits, history and syncing that my GUI needs to do. Merging works well on Github´s website.

I use GitKraken at the moment and I love it.
I tried Github desktop before. I found it less intuitive and it was lacking some git functionality I reckon: it doesn't have stash and pop. The conflict solving wasn't great either.
On top of everything, GitKraken is crossOS (it's actually a hybrid app developed in Electron).