Girls arrested for a Facebook post!

Two girls in India were arrested because one of them posted a status update criticizing the day long shutdown of the city (Mumbai) after the death of a famous political leader.

The other girl, however, was arrested just because she "liked" the post.

Is this fair? As per the Section 66(A) of the Indian constitution - "Section 66 (A) deals with punishment for sending offensive messages through communication services".

What do you guys think? Is this in any way violation of free speech?

does india have free speech?

Of course it is violation of free speech, but I don't how India works over there. It's insane governments can do this, guess it makes you wonder if the "terrorist" around the world fighting their local government is really the bad guy.

Of course it does! Infact, India is the largest democracy of the world (so to say).

Yes! It's like defying the very definition of free speech.


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So.. A one-week old thread is now a necro? I thought that it had to be a month old.

Well, I am from the city where this happened in India and I have to say that it is quite shameful that it happened. You see, India is on its way to becoming a country that is going to be capitalism on steroids. It's more like a communo-capitalist society. A political party that is not even in power can shut down shops and can cause menace here because they HAVE power, you see, local muscle and such.

To simply answer your question: Yes, in all ways

I see no harm in such message, also define offensive... Would that be something racist or maybe a threat or would that be free to fill in by anyone who wants to use this law to protect him/herself from getting criticism etc.

I'm sad this kind of stuff happens :/

If the post was slander or libel, I can see a reason for the post to be removed. Being arrested seems a little extreme.