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This 790 is missing a power supply and it’s battery holder
But I can use its proprietary power button and front panel connectors on a optiplex 7010 Mobo I have and it’s i2400, the heatsink has standard lga 115X mounts so it might be useful in another project

Might turn it into a Minecraft server, I don’t know what use it will serve just yet



Might be a contender for the SNES PC
Could add some Additional heatsinks to the flat part that’s over the cpu

Front panel is about 5 inches so I can probably mod it into a 5.25 faceplate, power button seems easy enough since it’s about the same size as a regular power button, I can mount the reset button to clear CMOS pins since dells don’t have a reset button

the power supply is standard, and the battery can be soldered back, otherwise the mobo is fully operational. btw.

The guy I live with was using one of my old 775 dells for minecraft

Took the propreitary dell power button from the scrap dell

Used to have a pentium 4 and a Geforce MX 2

now it has a i5 2400, 8GB of ram, 7850 1GB, dell 7010 (I already had this board, its different from the previous one which was not Q77)
jumper prevents error message at boot

The 7850 I have has no shroud or fans so I hotglued a fan on it, the thick dell fan is purely there to prevent an Error message at boot, will hotglue it on the GPU later

Second dell fan to prevent Error code at boot, all regular fans need a molex to fan adapter since dell board only has proprietary connectors

since the IO panel was built into the case there is none currently, I think they sell some custom ones on ebay

this thread helped me out and is the source of one of the pictures

build functions as if it were a normal PC if I not had the dell power button, jumped the front panel, used dell fans in both headers would have halted boot and prompted F1

(Note: I would never sell a PC like this, I only do ghetto stuff to my own hardware, he’s just using it because its free)

@Adubs should I put a bigger heatsink on it


You already know the answer to that question


You know I think you’re right