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Giga's Jumbo CPU Emulator List Bonanza

I’ve see far too many people get AMD E1 1500 and C60s and disapointed they can’t run N64 games
so I decided to make the Ulitmate CPU recommendation Guide for practically every CPU within the last 15 or so years (who’s counting anyway)

so far I have a quick reference guide for generic SKUs and speeds But I will eventually add a appendix so you can CTRL-F your CPU model

it is incomplete so far, I still need to add server skus, mobile skus, Embedded Skus and Celleron and pentium SKUs

Yes= fully playble no hitches
No= Not playble at full speed
Semi-Low=only easier to emulate games, very few
Semi-High=most games with the exception of really tough to emulate such as “shadow of the Colossus”

Console emulation is what got me into computers in the first place, and I’m very passonate about it, how ever I haven’t played with everything yet, I was a nintendo kid so, I haven’t gotten recommendations for sega stuff and things like MAME and PC engine yet


Nice dude!

One critique: that black on blue is difficult to read.

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Okay I’ll change it up when I get home

I need to set up a test bench on AM3 and disable some cores and under clock to fill out the charts

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