Giga's building PCs for noobs I

okay so I'm bored I'm going to do a series of blogs called "Giga's building PCs for noobs"

this one is for "The granma with computer older than her"

alright say you are the only tech savy person you family relies on to defend them from the evils of best buy, and your grandma is tired of her slow one and wants one faster but doesn't want to spend a lot for a new computer, well never fear, nobody makes them as fast AND cheap as I do and heres what we are going to do, more than likely her old case is at least micro atx size, so we're going to first vaccume the shit out of it and then reuse it its green and its saving you green, and it to her it will be the same computer, the older folks don't take kindly to change much, if the HDD is sata we'll reuse it as well as any functioning fans or sata or pci, pci-e devices

next I'll post several upgrade list with degree's of performance and budget as well as mini-itx solutions if she has one of those

now I'll update this once I get home to my PC with mouse and keyboard and not my friends laptop (which are horrible for extened use of newegg or list making) so I'm just going to post one for tonight

$250 m-ATX upgrade kit

CPU/MOBO G630/gigabyte H61 USB3/SATA III

RAM Team elite 2x2GB 1333

SSD Kingston 128GB (lower actuall IOPS)

PSU Rosewell 430w green PSU promo=RWGG08


$350 m-ATX upgrade kit

CPU/MOBO i3 2100/gigabyte H61 sata III

RAM muskin 1333 2x4GB

PSU rosewell green 430w  promo code=RWGG08 (if it expires then it usually drops down to like 40-45$)

SSD Kingston 90GB SSDnow SataIII (higher actuall IOPS)

her PSU is probably old, crusty, ineffecient and about to die so I went ahead and added one in, if you feel its "unnesisary" then you don't have to get it but I do so that's why I'm recommending it


I'll clean up the blog tomorrow

Awesome builds. My grandparetns computer is getting a little on the old and rusty side and I'm probably going to build them something similar to these for Christmas, will be a big improvement over their current HP. O.O

damn my pc i getting old i have a amd sempron single core cpu at 1.8ghz and 256mbs of ram. i cam literally get the cpu load to 100% by opening an internet window and moving the mouse quickly