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Gigabyte X570 I Aorus Pro Wi-FI and Aorus NVMe SSD Gen4 ISSUES and VARIOUS QUESTIONS

Hi, I’m new, pardon my english BTW since it ain’t my first language.

Well, first of all, the scenario…

I’ve been acquiring parts for an ITX build this last month and I’ve been trying and buying all sort of diff hardware. The main option was to make it around the Ryzen 9 3900x . I was waiting for the 3950x but I couldn’t wait anymore. Worse when living in Argentina where everything is extremely expensive and difficult to obtain regarding PC hardware and this weekend we have elections with a pretty sure apocalypse in the horizon (once again), more than certainly our currency will be even more devaluated and would make even worse to buy stuff in dollars.

So in quite a frantic state I’ve bought these stuff:

AMD Ryzen 9 3900x


Asrock x570 itx TB3

Gigabyte X570 I Aorus Pro Wi-FI


GSKILL Tridentz Neo 3600 32GB

Corsair LPX 3000 64GB


Kraken X52

Corsair H100i v2

Noctua NHL12s (dman they’ve released black models just minutes before I’ve bought it haha)


INTEL 660p 2Tb


…and I’ve already had: a LIAN LI PC-Q39 case (beautiful but pretty flawed case), an ASUS STRIX 1080 ti, a WD Black NVME 512Gb SSD, 2x WD HDD Black 4TB and a Samsung UJ590 4K 32 as monitor.

I really loved the ASROCK board, great board, but is quite annoying regarding the CPU cooling options and my need of a second SSD while having the idea of ditching in time the HDDs because I want an smaller case in the future (aka Ghost S1 or similar) ended with me deciding to buy the Giga Pro WIFI. While putting on sale the ASROCK mobo, the GSKILL RAM and the CORSAIR cooler (BTW the three are still on sale, I still have them).

But I ended having quite a lot of issues with temps with the GIGA MOBO :

  • I’ve changed the GSKILL RAM for the CORSAIR LPX in order to have more RAM (64GBs), than more speed, due to me doing more graphic design, etc, while thinking that low profile RAM would be better in the future if I can obtain a very small ITX case. But I find out the first issue with the Giga board : I can’t make the board effectively use the 3000 XMP profile. If anyone know any sort of workaround in the BIOS to make them work, thanks in advance! The specific model of the Corsair RAM is: CMK64GX4M2D3000C16
  • Then I thought, ok, having all Giga, with that huge chipset heatsink plus the heatsink itself that already has the Aorus GEN4 SSD, let’s buy it, it will run really “fresh and cool”…well, it’s running hotter this SSD than the INTEL 660p one in the back of the mobo. It’s running 60° or more idle with that huge heatsink that it cames with and that huge chipset heatsink above…any ideas of how to solve this temps issue? I’ve seen Wendell having the same combination in one of his videos, but I don’t recall him talking about this high temps.
  • Finally the chipset is running quite hot too at 65° more or less. Quite hot.

I know that the LIAN LI PCQ39 with no fans, is quite a hot box, but I can imagine an even worse scenario if I can finally put my hands in a Louqe or similar.

So I dunno what to do, to return to the ASROCK? but I would really miss the second SSD. In fact I loved this board, the TB3 and overall construction and BIOS of the ASROCK, bar the annoying CPU cooler options. But the KRAKEN will fit better in smaller cases in the future and I preffer it to the Corsair too.

The thing is that I have just time till Saturday, because on Sunday with the elections, is almost a 99% probability of everything blowin up, so I have to move fast in my decisions, it will be my entertaining but also working rig, for more than probably quite a time. I couldn’t buy a 2K Monitor, nor change my GPU (thought I’m thinking of “downgrading” to a 5700XT or even Radeon 7), but the main stuff: Mobo+RAM I have to solve it.

So any help regarding any of the issues and advice of what route to take, I’ll be more than happy to hear, thanks in advance! Feel free to ask anything and sorry for such a long rant

Not that anybody cares :laughing:, but I’ve “solved” the RAM issue at least.

I was used to simply apply the XMP profile and instantly obtain the advertized speed, but with this RAM, once sellected in BIOS the XMP, I had to manually set the speed, in fact I’m trying 3200 instead of the 3000 speed and it’s working, I’ll have to test the stability later…

BTW Newegg stopped selling stuff to Argentina, so I guess they are already smelling the devaluation that will come after the elections, the reason I am a bit frantic to solve, buy and build everything prior to Sunday

You have to forgive this community as they currently suffer from some issues which might take some time to sort out.

Xmp profiles on ram are often the place to start. Using some caution when purchasing ram for Ryzen is always a good idea.

Personally I would of leaned towards the 3200 verse 3000 (3600 is considered the sweet spot but not according to what I have seen price wise ) as it does make a difference in overall response with ryzen. Cooling Ryzen has been far different from previous gens but one thing still holds true. Overkill it if possible. Hipster trends are not usually the best to follow. Happens in the tech world even :slight_smile: . New stuff often gets reduced to what we know. Things like qvl and running as cool as possible.

Let me point out that temp issues have trended from launch and you should expect issues at itx ,matx, and even mid tower atx levels. You should consider water cooling in such a small case. One thing that comes up often is the lack of installing the full amd software and drivers. You should do so.

Extra care should be taken for running Gen4 nvme but I am only just now about to test my theories on it. I really can not speak to it, yet…

From what I have read … as with many things. Keep it cool as possible is the only safe statement to make. I understand the mb layouts and the heatsinks on the new nvme gen 4 is source of ills and some care in choice of nvme gen4 drives are in order.
For what it is worth ?

My personal opinion.

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Thanxs man! I’ve ended going back to ATX. I’ve bought an Aorus x570 Master and changed the case to an Evolv X that allowed me to use two AIO (one for the CPU and another with a Kraken G12 for the GPU) temps are better, not a lot better but clearly better. I’ll return to ITX in the future once I’ve solve my financial problems.

I’m currently seeing what my Corsair RAM can give me, I know is not precisely the best kit for high speed or anything, less when being 64GB of it, but so far without doing extra stuff I’ve achieved to obtain 3266 from them, I’ll investigate to see what more juice I can obtain from them without jeopardizing stability