GIGABYTE WindForce Radeon HD 7970?

I'm looking to purchase a Radeon HD 7970 and I'm still considering brands. Anyone have experience with GIGABYTE's high range cards or in particular their WindForce Radeon HD 7970 as seen here?

I have a 7950 Windforce OC, and its quite the card, its coold and quiet

I can hear it when playing games but its just the sound of all the air moving, and even overclocked to 1050/1525 @ 1.1v (overkill but im lazy) the highest ive seen it is 63c in furmark, and the fans were only at like 47% so in my mind is quite the card.

This card is absolutely amazing. There is just one big problem that keeps it from the top of the pack, it's voltage locked. Well atleast revision 2 and 2.1. Basicly it's a superb card as long as you dont plan on overclocking it too much (It can still be done by changning to a ghz bios giving a little more power)

The card itself is super cool and as mentioned above you only hear the air moving, it blows hard enough to blow paper off my desk with the case open. Honestly it's a really great card.

Yep, I've got the GHz edition Windforce 7970. It has a higher core clock at 1100 MHz. This card is a beast! Even on my low-end Core i3 2100, pretty much all games run smooth at maxx settings, save for a couple of PhysX demanding games. Though, if you have a good CPU, PhysX shouldn't be a problem. Like others have mentioned, the card is pretty cool as well. I idle at around 32C and full load at around 62C. It might get noisy at full load, but only if you're in a really quite environment with no or very low game sound. For me, games' sound usually drown out any noise from the card's fans. I've did some benchmarking on this card with a number of games, posted it here of the forums: