Gigabyte ud3 REV 3.0 990fx Over clocking question

I have tried that before and it caused my system to throttle like a son of a gun.

Im not realy familier with Gigabyte bios.
But according to @NJM1112 settings, those are pretty straight forward multiplier overclock.

Well doing that make it start to throttle again. Imma just leave it how i had it and just deal with the on off on again.

What do you mean?

Turning core performance boost back on so my settings matched yours. Is 1.38v on the CPU Vcore alright? I can hit a stable 4.5ghz with that.

Not sure if this will help but here are two other pics of settings

I actually run with HPC off, I turned it on to see if I could replicate that.

Try restoring to defaults and then put in my settings (without hpc)

Okay. Well I appreciate all the help I now have better voltage settings so I can hit higher clock speeds. I always left it on auto and 4.5ghz was impossible like that, but with +.25 CPU Vcore I can easily hit 4.5ghz at 48c max so far after 10mins.

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