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Gigabyte TRX40 Motherboards - Differences between Rev 1.1 and 1.0?

Gigabyte seems to be releasing Rev 1.1 versions of all of their TRX40 motherboards (except Xtreme as of now, but I expect it in the future). The rev 1.1 versions have BIOS’s available with AGESA C where as all the rev 1.0 versions only have AGESA B. Does anyone know what the major differences are between the two revisions and why they have not released BIOS’s for the rev 1.0 boards with the latest AGESA? (

I do not know the answer, but I can recommend the official online support from the Gigabyte homepage. They normally take several days to answer, but at least in the cases I contacted them they gave me very specific information about hardware specification and BIOS options.

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Gigabyte seems to be slow with BIOS updates for TRX40. Memory training is pretty terrible for me. I have to reboot 2-3 times to get a good memory training that’s stable.

Be aware that if they do this, this likely means only Rev 1.1 will support next gen Threadripper on the same socket and Rev 1.0 will be left in the dark. This is typical of Gigabyte boards. I got burned by this once.

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Recently baught one of these boards so a little concerned about this…
Quick glance at the board pictures, it seems they’ve changed the power delivery (for memory??) on the top right of the board next to the 24pin ATX.
I wonder if this has anything to do with the VRM issues they are having under heavy work loads.

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The new revision has also the new AGESA. 1.0 still on the old AGESA wtf gigabyte.

I am really hoping you are wrong, I am going to be so mad if all that money I spent on this board and they drop support.

I was not wrong for the X79S-UP5-WIFI. They supported Ivy Bridge-E (prosumer) but required a completely new revision to support Ivy Bridge-EP (Xeons). (and this board used the server C606 chipset with a Intel SAS controller, making it an even bigger blow.) Tons of Rev 1.0 people got screwed, and Rev 1.1 never made it out of Gigabyte testing.

I wonder if the new rev was made specifically to tackle the Prime95 bug or AVX2 bug (not sure what it was).

FWIW, I had a thread open with Gigabyte on a different topic, and I used that exchange to ask about their planned support for Rev 1.0 on the trx40 boards. The following is the reply I just now received.


Dear customer,

Sorry for the late reply, due to COVID-19 we are experiencing delays. Your revision 1 will still be supported and BIOS will continued to be updated as needed to improve compatibility for future updates.

Thani you

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**Chuck Liu** ![\ 12x50](content:// **GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY**
Customer Service

I obvs do not know how to do blockquotes yet, at least on this phone ui.

Anyway, I HOPE Mr. Lui is correct, as I too, just completed a build with a Rev 1.0 board.

I know the latest BIOS for me fixed the problem, back in March.

It’s more an Intel issue if they change the underlying VRM between revisions.

However, Thunderbolt support is something I’ve seen change between revisions on AMD boards.

Obviously there is no way to know for sure, but this sounds like PR BS. Taiwan is held up as one of the model countries for handling COVID-19 (where Gigabyte’s headquarters are). They have only had 487 cases to date; only 7 deaths, and only 30 are still active according to; I highly doubt COVID-19 is the cause of any delays on their part.

They also made a BIOS for the Rev 1.1 board the difference in BIOS should be minimal and much of the code would be shared.

In the case of AMD it will not be of much concern. There werent any VRM Revisions or major hardware changes. Minor updates to the board on Gigabytes side maybe there to increase memory compatibility and certain other board specific features but I do not think its going to affect your experience IMHO. The changes probably revolve around memory stability and circuit path improvements from what I got from my brief time googling. It looks like they all have the same EFI’s so its likely they share a lot of the same code base. They could be preparing an update to the latest AGESA.

Contact Gigabyte, while usually slow to respond they are very very good about giving clear detailed information in my experience.

No, we cannot be sure … but just to set one part of the record straight, Mr Liu is not replying from Taiwan. The footer of that email reply contained an address, direct phone contact numbers and a personal email address. I cut these parts out of my message, above, for his privacy … did not want to dox the gentleman.

FWIW, his office, according to that footer, is at Gigabyte headquarters in California. So I do not think his reference to Covid is a lie.

I am hoping his reply is genuine. Yes, it would seem, to us, that the new BIOS should be similar to the one in Rev 1.0. Maybe updates to Rev 1.0 are soon coming. But then again, there is a point of view that says “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” when it comes to BIOSes. So, even if an update is available, not sure if I’d be trying it so fast.

Yes, if a new BIOS gave more usefulness to the Thunderbolt header, that would be a good reason to upgrade.

I know I’m probably dreaming, but I would LOVE for them to add support for the AIC Card into the BIOS. I’d like to be able to add a fan curve there, instead of having to use Aorus Storage Manager in Winders (with three ‘static’ buttons that do not take varying temps into consideration). And … not sure, as I never yet tried it, but is it possible to set up RAID on the AIC Card using the utility in the current BIOS? I don’t believe it is. That would be great, so I could use the array in an OS besides Redmond’s.

But I’m not REALLY holding out hope that a new BIOS will add stuff to control that card. Too much to ask … maybe not even possible. I dunno.

Are rev 1.1 available to purchase any time soon? I’m looking for an Aorus Xtreme.

Am I right in understanding the change between 1.0 and 1.1 is different power delivery to ram?

probably a better idea to go to a microcenter or physical store to make sure you get rev1.1?