Gigabyte TRX40 Aorus Xtreme new BIOS?

On the Gigabyte site there is a new BIOS for the TRX40 Aorus Xtreme (rev1.1) called “FB” from Sep 16 2021. As far as the changelog goes, it says:

  • Checksum : 6A9B
  • Update AMD AGESA
  • Add Re-size bar option for AMD Smart Access Memory support

Apart from the checksum “change” it looks like the same as the “FBi” BIOS they had earlier listed there and which is now gone.

Does anyone know if this is simply the same as the “FBi” BIOS which they had to re-package because of the Gigabyte hack (my guess) or is this truely a new BIOS worth updating to?

well, they’ve updated the AGESA - AMD CPU microcode - the CPU firmware.

There should be tools (Ryzen Master, CPU-Z, Hardwareinfo64?) that’ll tell you your current AGESA version.

By now, there’s probably an even newer BIOS update - “don’t change a running system”, as they say - but if the changelog contains something you desire, update. (after updating, you may want to reboot and double-check all your BIOS/UEFI custom setting)

EDIT: microcode/CPU firmware gets updated when there’s a new security issue discovered/fixed - that might be something you’d be worried about - depends on your use case

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