Gigabyte or MSI?

Hi guys, this is my first thread on these forums and I'm glad I have the chance to.  Now to business.  I'm building a desktop this year, and I obviously need a motherboard.  Requirements for the motherboard are as follows:  Must follow a blue/black color scheme if possible, must have 4 RAM slots and a max RAM of 32GB at least, must be compatible with 1866Mhz RAM, must be ATX format, must have ample USB 3.0 slots, must be Intel Z77, and must be able to have a sli setup in the future.

Based on these requirements and a budget of $155 approximately, I could choose the Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H or the MSI Z77A-GD65.  What do you guys think would be the better choice of the two?  Do you think I should buy another altogether?  Tell me what you think, I appreciate any and all helpful responses and advice.  Thanks in advance.

Id go with the D3H, Gigabyte has absolutley rock solid Motherboards, MSI has had some problems with QC before

love my gigabyte mb. msi is a good brand too, but you cant go wrong with a gigabyte motherboard. (however i would go with MSI for a gpu)

Gigabyte would be my choice, MSI are good but have had some issues.

An alternative could be an AsRock board, these are nice boards for what you pay these days.

I have a MSI, I personally havn't had any problems with it but I have heard some stories .. Just to be safe, I would go with the Gigabyte mobo. 

out of those i would reccomend the MSI board

Gigabyte boards have been sort of lackluster this generation and its idiotic to be loyal to any brand so you should always choose whats best for the price

If you get a gigabyte board, DO NOT PLUG IN 8 HARD DRIVES IN AT ONCE!

I remember when the first Gigabyte Z77 boards come out. They had a issue with exploded caps. 

niether ASUS is master race

i hope that was sarcasm

ASUS customer support (in the uk atleast) is shocking.

same in the us, i tried to RMA a defective asus motherboard and didnt recieve a response for 3 months

i RMA'd a motherboard under warranty, first thing i got was a badly translated email that barely made sense. Sent motherboard off, 3 weeks later it came back with a note saying it was out of warranty and on top of that all the CPU pins were bent. (looked like somone had done it intentionally)

All it had was dodgy onboard soundcard which i could of worked around.