Gigabyte MZ32-AR0 does not start

Kindly ask you to help me with any advice. I have a Gigabyte motherboard, MZ32-AR0 rev V1.0 that refuses to start. I manage to connect on MegaRAC SP-X , I tried to update bios from version R19.02 to version R23_F03b, the message is that the operation ended successfully, but after restart nothing happening, the old is displayed ( R19.02).
I removed the nvme hard drive, I removed the 2 memory modules, I take off the network card, and after restart to the “System inventory” option the all hardware figure mounted (memory modules, nvme hard drive and network card). More of that, I insert a memory module in A1 dimm, In System inventory appear only the last memory mounted in C1 and D1 dimms, even there are empty. Something is happening if the new software and hardware configuration is not updated. Do you have any recommendation?

What cpu is in it? It’s normal for the system inventory not to update unless the post sequence finishes

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