Gigabyte motherboard won't detect cpu fan when on smart cpu fan profile

My motherboard Gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 wont detect the new fan on my new cpu heatsink (xigmatek dark knight nighthawk) when its on the smart cpu fan profile, I kept getting an error in windows that my cpu fan was not working properly and I had to check it. Reinstalled the new heatsink (thought it might have been an overheating issue) and found the the thermal paste had spread well (this is my first time installing an aftermarket heatsink). I still had the same problem in windows. Fixed the issue by turning off the smart cpu fan profile in bios. Only problem now is that my cpu fan is stuck to 2000 rpm, although its not ridiuloudly loud like the amd stock one itll prbably still get on my nervers. Anyone else had this issue? Any fixes?

Fan pwm ability could very well be stuffed so (i personally would regardless of this issue or not) grab a nice high static pressure fan such as those offered by noctua etc. Maybe even try a spare fan to test the bios fan profile just in case it isnt the fan.

I poked around in the bios a bit more since posting this and found a fix. Simply turning the cpu smart fan mode off auto and onto pwm seemed to fix the issue, no my bios actually recognises the fan, must have been on voltage regulation before.