Gigabyte GTX970 ITX VRM Heatsinking

I recently bought the Gigabyte GTX970 ITX OC Edition, and installed a NZXT Kraken G10 on it. It's in an ITX form factor case which only has a Noctua Industrial 120mm fan for airflow coming in (I doubt there's much passing over the PCB itself), and I was wondering if I needed a heatsink on the VRM's. I have ran a benchmark on the card with the cooler installed in Valley and temps of the core hovered around 40 degrees. Card was stable all the way through.

Probably not, 40° is very good.

Yeah but that's on the GPU Core itself, not the VRM's..

The G10 is pretty bad about the vrms but being that it is a 970 the vrm isn't super large or hot running due to the low power draw. If it runs above 60c you could throw a small copper heatsink on and that would fix it. Although I doubt it really is required with the tiny power draw of the 970. 

Got a GTX 970 ITX from Gigabyte, was wondering if you can post any pics from the G10 mounted on the ITX 970?

For the ITX edition I'm not sure if it would work without modification. I ended up cutting the metal bracket shorter (just the mounting bracket, the part that holds the cooler on the core) which also removed the 92mm fan that blows on the PCB. This was because the bracket was too long for the case I wanted to put the ITX edition card in. I will make a separate forum post for that build and link it to you

Cheers, looking forward to your post!

Sorry it's taking so long, just having troubles transferring the pictures from my camera to my pc :/