Gigabyte gtx 260 OC?

I'm getting a new system (my first proper system) and was wondering if anyone has ever used the gtx 260 OC (or 216) and knows its gaming performance i.e what can it comfortably rune on very high settings and what cant it?
Do you recommend it or do you know of any downsides in getting it?
(I'm looking at gigabytes version)

By the way i have 1080p screen so id bee running programs at that res.

It runs EVERYTHING on high settings... yes even crysis...
I have the GTX260 c216... and overclocked it to max, runs like hell

thanks for reply!
did you play games on it before over clocking (do you know what it runs Crysis like without over clocking)
also i remember seeing some videos that showed a overclocking utility does it have that on the driver disk?
If i do get it (probably will) what cooling system would you recommend for overclocking it?
last but not lest how far can you safely overclocking with stock cooling system?

Uhm, the stock fan is pretty good so no need to change that.
Yes it ran crysis great without overclocking.
The overclocking utility you want, is EVGA precision, google it. Its simple and great.
how far YOU can go with an overclock is impossible to tell, as every graphics card is different when it comes to overclocking.. some guys are lucky, some are not.
Here is my clocks;

Core clock: 750
Shader clock: 1540
Memory clock: 1150

the stock clocks is:

Im not sure if I can go higher, temps are fine but I get alot of artifacts if I get higher.. the one im running now is stable with no artifacts. at normal roomtemps, my gpu is 40c if fan is 50%

its basicly the whos who of graphics card!

I got a BFG GTX 260 MAXCORE55. Yes, its a 216sp model. Runs like a dream with crysis wars on high/very high. I'm sure if you overclock it to green's level, itll work like a GTX 275... or something close to it.

gtx 275 ftw!

best bang for buck imo

wtf? (3 up)

Don't be cheap on the brand, If something goes wrong you will want a company that stands by their stuff. Go Evga or if you're in Europe go XFX.

i got it now and.. wow (NOT world of warcraft) it great i get 207 fps on max everything in source and i get 54 latency instead of 354.

Latency is your internet speed bro. Doubting a video card helped with that...

Yeah lol what he said..

Got GTX 260 c216 overclocked myself, and I get 300+ fps in css ;)

Na because if i crank the graphics of my old shity computer on cs i get like 356 if i put everything to its lowest settings i can get 78 or something. (latency)

Or... You joined a server closer to you.

Yep. Graphics have exactly 0,000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% to do with latency.

yeah bro, latency has nothing to do with your video card...n00b

lets say 0,0000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% so he doesnt have to cry^^

You don't use vsync? I do. No need for anything more than 60 really.

wow are you fucking serious?