Gigabyte GTX 260 OC problem

First, i turn on my new PC: Gigabyte gtx 260 OC, E8500,  p5q pro,  crossair 800mghz (4g),  seagate barracuda (1tb & 500g).
initialy nothing shows, so i try again, and again... finally i get the bios and i install windows 7 64bit (rc).

Finally im in the desktop and the screen is flickering two lines of white across (diagonally) the centere of my screen. Restart. then the computer starts up but with no image on screen, after several more trys it shows only to come up with the same flickering problem. Every now and then the screen decides to show nothing so i must restart.
I then find if i use a dvi to vga adapter thus using the vga port on my screen (and on another screen)Â the image shows perfectly every time.

I made sure it wasint the dvi port in my screen by using the same type of screen that's DVI port definatly works. Its not the cable because it tested it with two different dvi cables.

So i figure because i used two of the same type of screens to find the dvi problem (viewsonic 24" 1080p) i could be a compatibility problem.
It could also be a fualtly graphics card (touch wood).
Or it could evend be a driver problem

Any one know anything?

Hmmmmmmm just for the hell of it if you havnt got to far in your new OS, reformat. If still not working it might be a faulty card.

I think it can be a faultthy card, like Green told reformat and see what happens.

Sounds like the card needs to be RMA'd. Don't quite know what a reformat would do but you should try anyways as suggested by Green and Assas1nator.

But it works when using a DVI to VGA adapter, so doesint that mean that reformating would be useles?

Its possible that either the adapter or the VGA cable is dead or dying, go out and buy a DVI-D cable (its better regardless) and THEN try it. I had a BFG GTX 260 MAXCORE 55 (yes its a mouthful) and it died after a week. Black squares all over the windows aero interface and games wouldnt ever start without crashing. Got it RMA'd and it works just fine now.

First off, never buy cards from manufacturers that aren't exclusive to Nvidia; especially not Gigabyte seeing how they process RMA's over to China.

Lack of power may also cause display errors.

Just... do it. :D

Your operative system could be saying this, this very moment;
Oh lets make DVI not working on me!

If it was the OS when i initialy started the computer (into bios)(no OS) it would have showen fine evertime...
but it didint, it took several trys each time before it would let me se what i wanted to do.

get of the adapter nigga, use DVI. Shit's kickin VGA's ASS. Cause, nigga.... Im 99% sure its a buster mofo adapter.

Read the fucking thread


its fine now (kinda) i got a replacement motherboard from PB tech (free) which is win 7 certified & its a gigabyte so its working with the 260 OC.
But i cannot install any graphic card drivers or alse win 7 will fuckup and i will have to reinstall windows again (i tryed installing a driver after i got the new motherboard and i had to reinstall windows!)

um well then thats a serious issue, if you dont have graphics drivers youll lose like 50% performance in all games lol.

It sounds like a faulty card if you simply cant install drivers, are you sure when you downloaded the drivers from nvidia that you downloaded the windows 7 (either 32 bit or 64, whichever you have) drivers?

i didnt know a broken graphics card could interfere with a driver install. oh well.

Its probably because you installed new motherboard without formatting harddrive first. Now as you have formatted, installing drivers should be fine.

And graphics cards dont have to be same sticker brand to work with the mobo.

try Downloading" EVGA Precision" see what your graphics card is doing :)