Gigabyte GA-X58A UD 9

The first EVGA X58 Classified 4-Way SLI challenger is here, a bit:

There's alot of news spreading on this board. Now the reason that the photographer greyed out the pic is because Gigabyte might've changed the colour scheme and that pic will leave us with no clue.

Looks really nice, Gigabyte boards always have great features.

probablly wont be worth upgrading from my 790X-UD4 though.

black pcb, black pcb, black pcb
please please please.

IMO, this is one complete motherboard. Not to mention, it has some retro features like a FDD connector

Green PCB and yellow slots!!!!!!

Looks good with color, though

That's a good image Pathogen, but

However, those heatsinks for the chipsets still looks sexxxxxxxxxxxxy. Thumbs up for Gigabyte

I didn't even know there was a large enough market for these ultra high end motherboards for another manufacturer to jump on board. This is pretty cool, I wonder when Asus will make super high end workstation/gaming/overclocking board....

Asus already got the P6T-7 WS Supercomputer for that type, in fact, they were the 1st company to populate 7 PCIe slots.

Yes but that board doesn't overclock too well, they should fuse the Rampage 2 Extreme and the P6T-7 WS, for maximum PCIe and maximum overclocking.

I see, because the HSs on the P6T-7 is pretty smaller than testicles. On the NB, you could see the X58 chipset. That's what might cause the OC limitations on that board.

Here is a whole thread of pictures

now indulge it's one sexy as fuck board.


Is it a 9?

Or a 7?


Mind Fuck
Uhm I don't know but it looks me as its the same exact board.

Here's the "porn" version of the board. Note the ICH10R SB and the X58 NB is covered with the heatsink.