Gigabyte g1.sniper vs Asrock z77 extreme 4


I'm making a new gaming build and I was wondering, what motherboard should I choose?

I'm in a dilemma between g1.sniper and extreme4.

So maybe you guys could convince me to buy one of them.

Gigabyte, definitely. The ASrock extreme4 isn't that great.

Looking at Newegg, the difference in features is:

G1 sniper has a display port

    Micro is similar in cost

    Full ATX is MUCH more expensive


    8 channel audio (instead of 6)

    Spdif audio out

    Has bios post code system


Now from my experience with the extreme4 (I currently own it) has been really good. Mine even came with a bent pin and I got that fixed at a shop, it also wont run my 1.25v sniper ram at 1.25 (instead its at 1.35), but all said and done... I would still recomend it. Everything is running great and cool, I got a stable and cool overclock of 4.5 on my i5 3570k and all teh ports and such work.

The g1 sniper is very reputable but I cant see teh benefit if the extreme4 functions the same with more features. MAYBE the components are better, but the extreme4 has the solid gold caps and seems to be built with premium parts.

Thats my 2 cents. Anyone got hands on experience with the sniper?

I really appreciates the great reply.

And as you said yourself it would be great to also get one with experience in the Gigabyte

The G.1 Sniper is a far superior board to the Extreme4. The G.1 has a great power phase and VRMs for very stable, high OCs, whereas the Extreme4 is going to be much less stable. Also, for multi-card systems, the G.1 is going to offer much better performance and stability.It's a better board.

Well.. I dont have any experience with any of the boards but I've heard the extreme4 should be one of the best boards for oc (in that price range). So I dont know if it'll be unstable...

The only reason Asrock Extreme4 is so popular is beacuse it's best "bang for the buck" board. It's very often overlooked that they use cheap Mofsets which make the price so affordable.

I'd get gigabyte in this situation.


In a comparation of a $135 motherboard against a $225 motherboard, ofcourse the $225 motherboard will win. I only recommend the G.1 Sniper if you have lots of money to waste, you're an enthusiast, or you are planning on 2, 3 or 4 graphics cards. If you are just getting a single graphics card, and you'll be doing a bit of overclocking, there is no reason to splash out another $90 when you could get another SSD or upgrade your GPU.

Oh.. i'll be damned. I was just about to say they're about the same price where I come from.. then I realised I haave been looking at the m-atx model all this time. I'm apparentley a dumbass ;P

There is nothing wrong with a micro ATX case... but I will say I am sitisfied with my extreme 4. IT works well with benchmarks and the temps are always reasonable. even as its getting warmer in my part of the world.


Its really up to you if you want to spend the extra money. If you want to do extreme overclocking... then maybe the G1 is worth it.