Gigabyte G1.Sniper A88X Motherboard Build

So I won this AMD board and was going build something for my home media set-up in my basement (1080p projector, 7.1 surround sound, ect.).  I might want to download battlefield 4 and run some demanding games on this PC so I'm sure where to start.  I've never had an AMD build so the products are all very unfamiliar to me.  I have a budget of around $500-$600.  What do you guys think I can do? I already have an optical drive and an extra copy of windows 8.1 laying around. 

Well basically, since the board is FM2+ you have to grab an APU and I don't believe the APU can push 1080p (well not above 30 fps) so you best choice is to cross fire it with a R7 260x. With the graphics card and Mantle you could probably do BF4 at 1080p/30 fps. Here's what I think would give you the best results :

Probably could go with a small case if you're planning on using this as an HTPC/ SteamBox.



I don't think crossfiring a 7850k along with a R7 260X will work.  I believe you need to have a card with DDR3 RAM to enable dual graphics.  If not, the R7 250 is what I remember being suggested by AMD.

You could just pick up a CPU, and put the money towards an actual dedicated GPU.  There won't be any microstuttering problems, and should be better in overall gaming.

And also neon, you have no storage D:

This would give you much, much stronger performance, especially in games.  If you don't need that much storage, you could go with a 120 or 240GB SSD.