GIGABYTE G1 Gaming 970 vs Asus Strix 970

Hey guys, plan on pulling the trigger tonight on a new GPU. I'm between the Gigabyte G1 970 which I can get for 355 + and 30 dollar rebate card, or the Strix 970 which I can get for 340 currently. What are your opinions on each? I'm leaning towards the gigabyte because of the higher clock and better cooling.

Thanks for the input

I was once in this predicament, I settled on the Asus Strix.

This may prove some use to you, it's an comparison between the Asus, MSI anD GIGABYTE:

G1 gaming has a custom pcb and is a great overclocker.

I'd go with the Gigabyte card. Gigabyte has the G1 series Binned to holy hell. those cards tend to achieve the highest overclocks.

I was also wondering is the chance of coil whine pretty much the same for any brand?

Coil Whine is arguably just like the silicon lottery, you may get it or you may not.