Gigabyte cards

After looking at new GFX cards to get I found a Gigabyte Radeon 7950 with 3 fans on it. The price is $199.99. So I was wondering if I should spend that little bit more to get an MSI or another brand or then just stick with the gigabyte. Does anyone have any experience with this card?


Well i dont have experiance with it, but the reason why this card is cheaper, is because its Voltage locked. that means you can overclock it a little bit, but not as far as a voltage unlocked card. those tripple fans could probably be a bit loud, but i think for the rest it would be a good card. if you not realy interested in overclocking the card then you will be just fine with it, or with one of those cheaper sapphires or XFX dd cards.

But if you like to play with overclocking, then its better to go with a Msi 7950 twinfrozer, or HiS 7950 iceQ X2. thease are not voltage locked. you also can overclock those locked cards offcoure but not that far.

grtz Angel ☺

Aparently the Gigabyte (windforce) HD7950 is voltage locked so that dosent give you a lot of headway to overclock.

The msi twin frozr is a great overclocker so it depends if you what to overclock or not with your video card outherwise thay are both solid performing cards.

Msi twin frozr III 7950 is a great card. With stock clocks at 960core/1250mem, I haven't really seen a need for overclocking. I did try overclocking to 1100core/1400mem one time and noticed an increase of 10~15 FPS in the games I play. (Witcher, Dragon's Prophet, Tera, Etc.)

BTW!! Mine has a coil whine. I heard other brands having the issue as well. I guess coil whines are very likely with AMD graphics cards. Just make sure you have a good case to drown out the noise if you happen to get one with a coil whine... Or you can try RMA'ing it. xD

Have fun!