Gigabyte - Bait & Switch - Just like Kingston

Have you heard about Gigabyte doing bait and switch on there motherboards revising down the quality of a product in subsequent generations? I have just read about it here:

key paragraph:

"Although Gigabyte is fairly honest about the differing versions on its website (even though changes like a lower number of phases are not to be found in the official specification lists), this is not an approach we are enthusiastic about. The reason for that lies in the way Gigabyte brings the new products to market, using exactly the same manufacturer and UPC codes as for the original versions. Thanks to that, distributors and online shops (who work with automatic links based on these codes) cannot tell the difference. Hence, they can receive - and thus, sell - a different product, without being aware of the change in the product. Of course for you, the end user, there is no way at all to tell the difference, until you receive the product and open the box."


as much as i want to bash their head for it. I'd say customer makes the purchase... they know exactly what they are buying, and minimizing amount of components not exactly reflects the quality, ability. Sometimes you can do a better job with fewer.


still its hardly enthusiast level motherboard...

Assuming the one that has Ultra durable written on it with fewer parts is the second generation.

It looks like a way more robust motherboard.