Gigabyte b450 ds3h boot prblem

Mobo boots normal, gets stuck on American megatrends. Flash screen. Will not take any commands before lockup. This is running a new 3200g. Displays over hdmi. Same set up booted on an old athalon and updated bios. I have spent way to much time on this thing. Thanks for any ideas

Hmmm, this is odd. My first thought was old BIOS too, but you already took care of that. Have you checked the CPU for bent pins? Also, make sure the BIOS is not too new, some B450 later bioses cut all support from some earlier Ryzen parts.

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Try one stick of RAM, or a different kit. That would be my first step.

Are you sure you’ve got all the motherboard standoffs in the right places? No shorts?

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Something happened. I booted it up with athalon to look at bios options yesterday booted right up as it had previously done. I left it on all night and today it’s dead no power to mobo. Cheap power supply says 5x5 on all rails. 2nd random dead mobo I bought for same system.?

I built the system for for a nice old lady 5 years ago. Just trying t update it, I have had it for months and have days worth of non billable hours I have spent. It should be an easy thing for an ol mostly gray beard like me.

I have only a couple of sticks of ddr4 to test with. If you need 100 1 gb sticks of ddr3 I have you covered, that fancy new stuff isn’t free yet.

Huh. Sorry to say, but it might be time to put it out to pasture and invest in a new core. The PSU sounds fishy too.

For budget builds today I recommend an A520 + Ryzen 5 5600G + 16 GB of RAM, at the cost of ~$300. Here is a complete build in case you are interested, you might want to invest in a prettier case (or reuse the one you have):

The Granny Build, Sep 2022 edition

Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 5600G $141.00
Motherboard Gigabyte A520M DS3H Micro ATX $59.99
Memory Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8 GB 3200 MHz CL16 $52.99
Storage Kingston A2000 250 GB NVME $44.99
Case Zalman S2 $54.99
Power Supply EVGA BQ 600 W 80+ Bronze ATX $44.99
Total $398.95

It is possible to go cheaper by $50-$100, but I wouldn’t trust that computer to last. This should last for another five years or so, at the very least. You can also get away with just the core, and the RAM might still be fine from the old rig.

As always, the above is a suggestion, in the end it is your time, your money, and your decision on what to buy. Just trying to be helpful. :slight_smile:

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