Gigabyte Aorus AX370 Gaming 5 UEFI issues

I’m looking for people that also have the Gigabyte AX370 Gaming 5. I am having terrible stability issues with my system. I made this system last summer.

Gigabyte AX370 Gaming 5 (Currently on F23)
Ryson 7 1700
2x16GB Corsair Vengence LED
Gigabyte 1080 GPU

Really frustrated finding a bios that is stable. Getting randon system crashes now since updating to F23. But this bios and older ones have an annoying bug of half my memory (Windows 10 says 16GB reserved) randomly not being available or not afer each boot. I have to power down, boot with one stick, power down and add 2nd stick to get 32GB back. Also, getting XMP to turn on is hit and miss.

Is there a good bios version without all the headache? Or is the motherboard a POS and I should find something better?


Might be the mobo, might be the BIOS.
I’m still on F9a (which isn’t listed on Gigabyte’s site anymore).
The only issue I have is the BIOS resetting 90% of the time after a complete shutdown and cold boot. I only notice cause I set the RGB to a different color and it changes back to red (which is default).

It’s annoying but otherwise my BIOS seems to be stable (posts, lets me boot, no crashes), so I’m kinda not keen on updating.

I have the K7, which is pretty much the same thing. F23 BIOS is horrible for me as it introduces some insane Linux bugs and breaks sleep for me. F22 is pretty good and I have no problems so far. Is your RAM in the board’s QVL? First spin of Ryzen is super picky about RAM. My sticks are not on the QVL and it took me a while to get them stable at their rated speed and timings. Also, I find that XMP does not work (again, could be the board or Ryzen just being picky) and you will have better luck manually inputting RAM speeds and main timings.

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Mine aren’t either but Crucial lists them as compatible, so…don’t really know if Gigabyte just never bothered updating their list or if Crucial just wants to sell more.
They run at their advertised speeds although I never bothered checking if they’re causing the BIOS reset issue on my board.

This is what makes me stick to the rule “if it’s working, don’t fuck with it”. Even though Wendell recommends updating.

Thanks. I’ll try out a few of the older bios. I see a I have a few older and beta bios as well.

And yes, it is on QVL list. The first RAM I bought was not and a pain to work with, so I picked one off the QVL and went looking that that, which is what I currently am running.


So far not much luck trying f10, f20, f21 and f22. Seeing more blue screen crashes then full crash. Still losing half memory sometimes.

So here is a question. If I am going to replace this board, which route would you take using the same R7 1700? I don’t do SLI and I have 1 nvme and 1 HD.

  • Stay with x370?
  • Not sure I need all the features of X370, may b350?
  • Use a x470/b450 board? Might have better memory compatibility and general arch improvements??


Maybe something else if faulty? My x370 Gaming 5 is 100% stable with my 1700x. Currently running with F23 but never had issues with earlier versions as well.

@ggee I think it’s the ram If my guess is right you have the same corsair double sided memory ram I had before. I bought trident z gskill for amd put them in selected the docp ( amd xtreme memory profile) and the pc booted with 3200 mhz and the cl14 tight timings with the Corsair ram which isn’t bad for intel CPUs because they are not that picky like the ryzen Which doesn’t like it. I have a different Mainboard and had the similar problems with system stability and windows crashes some bluescreens ^^ but my Mainboard is a asus x370 f and no gigabyte one :slight_smile:

The ram isn’t bad but the ryzen cpu and Mainboard is very picky with timings and frequency because of the infinity fabric connection between cpu cores 2x4 cores on that cpu die as far as I understood how it works correct me if I’m wrong :smiley:

My suggestion buy some gskill flare x amd ryzen certified ( tested guarantee )

or some

trident z amd certified tested one.

there is gskill fortis amd certified one too but only 2400 mhz max

qlv listing is there too for your Mainboard

maybe someone else has a idea too besides the ram or maybe a new Mainboard :wink: