Gigabyte AMD Radeon HD 7970 Problems

Hey guys. I was hoping I could get some help to fix my build because it is driving me insane. Sometimes, when playing games (League of Legends, Planetside 2), my screen will randomly while in game just FREEZE and after about 30 seconds say "AMD Display driver stopped working and has successfuly recovered". All drivers are up to date, and this is making me really angry because this is an expensive build and I figure it should work. My friend, has the exact same build, which I also built for him and his works perfectly. All help is appreciated :). Also, since my case doesn't have native usb 3.0 support, I bought THIS adapter, but it doesn't work. Thanks again!



i7 3770k

ASUS P8Z77-V Pro

Corsair Obsidian 650d

Corsair Vengeance 2 x 8 1600mhz

OCZ ZX 850watt

Gigabyte AMD Radeon HD 7970

Samsung 830 SSD 256gb

WD Caviar Black 2TB

ASUS PCE-N15 Wireless card

RMA it..... if you have the warranty left

Don't think I can, amazon says that I only get half of the money back and they don't replace it : /

RMA through Gigabyte


Check your connections...

Double check them

Then triple check them

Go into CCC and put the power slider to +20% in the OC tab

If that doesn't fix it... RMA through Gigabyte.