Gigabyte 990FX UD3 OC & boot

I cannot figure out how to get my voltage settings off of auto so that I can overclock past 4.4 and have it stable. 

Also when I power on my computer it spins all the fans up and shuts off then repeats that and then the third time it finally powers on all the way. Is that common among ud3s? Also it seems to forget what drive to boot from when it restarts, does anyone know why? 

Thanks ahead.

try a bios update in the first place, maybe that solves your powerup issue. Gigabyte AM3+ boards are well known about theire crappy bios.

about the voltage, there will probably an ai-tweaker sort of thingy menu in the advanced bios mode, on which you can set the cpu core voltage, from offset to manual mode.

I tried a bios update and nothing changed, it is an ugly bios as well as crappy, I am not even sure how to get to the advanced bios if that's what you're saying? or do you mean just the advanced settings? 

advanced settings indeed, haha

does it has an uefi bios by the way? or just an old style  blue award bios? if its an old style bios, then you need to go in the Motherboard inteligent tweaker. menu. There you can set system voltage control to manuel.

Its a uefi, Im at a loss for what to do to fix it.

it must be in the M i T menu somewhere.

I have the board and i can second its piece of shit bios. There aren't any drop down menu's on some categories but there are on others. It is very weird to use. Strangely the ones that don't have drop down options are actually controlled by typing in the settings. So like if you wanted to change the voltage you have to type in what voltage you want.

Yep, I have this board. Does the same exact thing.

I tried that and it never seemed to work, what cpu are you using? and what are your overclock settings?

I've got this board and I may be able to help- I've got a FX6350 OC'd to 4.7 (capable of 4.8) but i don't remember the settings off of the top of my head


I played around with the settings but have not started to Overclock. I'm waiting to get a better cooler. I have an 8350

Whenever you get a chance to check how you bumped up the voltage let me know please, itll be greatly appreciated!

I'm using the rev3 board btw~

but this is what I have set

>adv. freq. settings

    >adv. cpu  core features

         - CPU Unlock: Disabled    (This is weird)

         - All Cstates are enabled/auto

         - HPC: disabled

         - core performance auto.

From those settings you should be able to edit the frequency by chaging the multiplyer using the - and + keys, you may have to hold down shift to get them to work, or they're different buttons. Look around a bit.

From there you should be able to OC quite well.

as for voltage-

If you click enter on the setting it should come up with a few choices i think... I'll look back into it. CHange it to quick or expert and then you can add voltage in .025V increments.

This is what i was able to get from my Chip the FX6350

FX6350 OC settings

5Ghz NOT stable @    any voltage.
4.9Ghz  MAYBE   @   +.1V
4.8Ghz  Stable     @   +.1V // +.075V
4.7Ghz  Stable     @   +.075V // +.05V
4.6Ghz  Stable     @   +.075V // +.05V
4.5Ghz  Stable     @   +.05V
4.4Ghz  Stable     @   +.05V // +.025V

I would highly not recomend running the chip higher than +.075V or maybe even +.05V because the board has a partially open VRM design meaning that it can't cool as well so the extra voltage will only make it warmer. I personally run it @ 4.7Ghz +.05V  but the chip is stable (tested and everything) @ 4.8Ghz +.075V, But I'm not comfortable with that voltage so I keep it tuned down.

hope this helps a little bit

specs on profile. I'm using pretty good cooler so cpu thermals are really good. Never gets above 47C on max REAL WORLD LOAD (Eg, multiple renders, video playbacks and cpu intensive games all at once), It gets up to about 52-54C on synthetic stress testers.

Thank you!