Gigabyte 970A-DS3

Hey, I have the Gigabyte 970A-DS3 ( and I am pairing it with the fx-6350. I know that the cpu is compatible but have no clue when it comes to overclocking what sort of extra perfomance I can get out of it without doing anything too fancy like increasing the voltage etc. At stock the cpu runs as 3.9GHZ. What sort of performance can I expect to get out of it paired with a motherboard such as the one I have with the cpu at stock voltage.

Thanks :)

with that cpu you dont need to overlock. it runs hot already, if you will overlock with that motherboard it might blow hole in it xD

Same price 100% times better --->

Yeah i loved that board... definitely a good buy if you can get one for cheap. 

That Gigabyte board is still a great value, should work with the FX-6350, but check the compatibility list on the Gigabyte website anyway. If your mos-fets get hot with overclocking, you can buy a few cents worth of spreaders from an electronics store, and you're set. It'll be very hard to find the same quality anywhere else for the price these are sold for, and you can overclock everything with them, including RAM, to ridiculous clocks for that price.

Unfortunately I already have the board and cant justify another 70 quid especially since I am getting the new asus direct CUII TOP R9 280x, but if that cpu runs fast enough for my GPU then il just not bother OCing

I have the GA-970-D3, and it is fine save for hot VRMs. I bought an Enzotech copper heat sink ($14.99) and everything was fine. I have a FX-8150. 

The heat sink is MST-88, but the place I bought it only has the 73:

NewEgg no longer carries it either:

That said, I just bought a GA-990fxa-UD3. I've always had good luck with gigabytes but I want SLI now that 660ti's are getting cheap.