GigaBuster's Giga-weeb mix CD

I’m sorting through my junk at home and I found a pack of CDs and I drive about 4-6 hours a week back and forth from home

I’m looking for some suggestions for some anime bangers to put on it, my radio is from 2009 so it’s new enough to support mp3 format but old enough to not have Bluetooth

I also found my old anime mix CD but it’s scratch all to hell so a lot doesn’t play

Being mp3 format I can fit quite a few songs on it and not limited by the standard 79 minutes just the 700MB

here’s what I got first


Found out my car has AUX capability but still want CDs for steering wheel controls

My manz is bringing up so much nostalgia for me right now!

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condensed into playlist+added some bleach and naruto songs