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Gigabit switch question

Hey all, a coworker of mine is looking to upgrade his current 10/100 switch to a gigabit switch. He currently has a bunch of Legrand items (current switch, coax splitter, phone line hub, etc in a ON-Q cabinet. To make a long story short he is looking at replacing his current Legrand switch with a gigabit version. I saw the price and I (novice user here) have no clue why the Legrand gigabit switch is $140 + power adapter vs something like a TP-Link gigabit switch for $18.

He is a very light user, laptop, apple tv, printer, etc, no nas or nvr or anything using a lot of network traffic. Probably no more than 5 hardwired items and 10 items in total on wireless.

So, is there any reason why he should stick with a Legrand switch?


This is what he is looking at vs the TP link that I recommended him.

Legrand DA1008 8-port gigabit switch
TP-Link 8-port gigabit switch


You sure about that? Might want to include a link so we can see what you’re buying for eighteen bucks.

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Sorry, added that, thanks.

Looks fine - buy away!

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Thanks, I’m still extremely confused at that price for the Legrand switch though. I thought it was powered (poe) at first and maybe that’s why the high price but it isn’t. And that $143 doesn’t even include the power cord, that’s another $20. I’ll move on with my suggestion for the TP-Link switch.


bit late to the party but the only difference i can tell is that the Legrand is made for everything to be plugged in on the top while the tp-link (which is very similar to my Netgear GS305E but the equivalent would be the GS308E due to the number of ports and both are fully managed which allows for the deployment of vlans and other stuff) would have the power connection on the other sider to the ethernet ports

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Yeah, hard to justify $164 vs $18, lol.