Giga Designare x399, improve iommu groups?

Likely a longshot, but are there any tips to improve IOMMU groups on a motherboard, specifically the Gigabyte Designare Ex x399? Aside from running a custom kernel with the ACS override patch, that is?

My group listing is here, and EVERYTHING is in shared groups:

Running bios F12i AGESA

ACS Override patch will help you fix the groups, but to my knowledge, there’s no non-hacky fix.

ACS override fully applied, 54 IOMMU groups now (up from 14)

Looks good to me.

Just be sure not to run GPUs in groups further split that weren’t before with the ACS patch applied.

Peripherals should be fine, but I’ve only had experience with platforms with good hardware ACS already.

I’ve split gpus with the acspatch and it’s been fine. It’s really not a big deal. No hardware (exception being nvidia with active SLI and some NICs) actually use PCIe P2P.

I noticed the GPU subcomponents are all in separate groups now. Not sure how to avoid that. Without the patch the grouping is unusable.