Ghost in the Shell: Arise

Has anyone seen the latest Ghost in the Shell: Arise?

if so what are your thoughts on it?


Its going to hit the cinema's in Australia later this month just wondering if I should check it out.



Wat new Ghost in the Shell mov... nice

Interesting Plot Line... i am interested on how it will fit into the current story line

I don't think it is going to fit with the current story line.

mmm... hopefully it somewhat fits...

This is sad...

I wish they did more SAC that would of been good

wait its a movie I heard it was a series, when is it goind to be done and subbed?

My understnading is it's an OVA series, not sure I think it's subbed (atleast at the cinema)



I saw the first episode. I have seen the other Ghost in the Shell installments but I wouldn't say I am a hardcore fan who knows everything about the story line.  With that said, I enjoyed this first episode in the reboot quite a lot and I noticed the weird awkward Windows Tablet branding in a couple spots and it took me out of the awesome Ghost in the Shell world.  Seemed a bit jarring.