Ghetto sub $500 workstation? (dual lga771, 32gb ram)

I've been flirting with this idea for a while.. i would be running older hardware and biggest con i believe is the TDP of the system.. I have an Antec 1200 psu  already and a couple other parts.

Basically a dual lga771 system, and then load up as much ram as i can find.


 pci-e x16 2.0 its like the skull trail board except with 16 dimm slots

Any thoughts on this? there are a couple boards available if someone is interested in this build i can get it going (soon as i get the cash) hah

if i were you id go with lga 1366 or!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of these 

what ever you find in your price range that meets your needs.

id go with this one

but it does use ECC ram.

nice, the thing is i can load up the 16 dimm slots  easily to get 32gb ram, I'm not sure how much of a difference the ram speed would do comparing ddr2 800mhz to ddr3 . I just know I can build it cheap, the x5470 can be overclocked to 4.0ghz supposedly by increasing its FSB from 1333 to 1600. These are good suggestions should I really steer clear from older tech? even tho it seems promising at least on paper.. thanks

old tech is good......if you see what lengths i went to, to keep stuff going or get it up and going..... any who id go with 1366 because ddr2 is getting really old and 1366 xeons are stupid cheap so if you want you can get a 6 core for something like 100usd on ebay. let me know how that goes.

decided against the older tech, you're right im looking at amd opteron stuff now.. gonna shy away from and that motherboard used FB-RAM, I didn't know what that was til yesterday. Those things run hot, and they suffer from latency, since theres a processor on the chip that does the actual error correction. Pretty crazy stuff. Thanks for the advice. and just load up on ram

For LGA 1366, you could go with this board (this guy is also selling others just like it, but without the IPMI) EBAY LINK Board supports both non-ECC (upto 48GB) and ECC (upto 192GB)

You could then get some cheap L5520's (which will be about on par with X5470) Plus it has the addition of hyper-threading. But as Hades says, you can get some x5650 usually pretty cheap (in match pairs) == 12 cores 24 threads. Plus you'd also have the benefit of the architecture in improved communication between the CPUs (see the QPI)

Plus as a side note, on neither the board you have listed or the one I have listed, neither board can OC the CPU's. The x5470 can reach those speeds, when chip modded into the LGA 775 socket.