GFWL insatll error Win8



I just got GTA IV on sale on steam. To play the game i need to install GFWL. I have just gone form win7 to win 8 and the GFWL just keeps giving me a error when trying to install(0x80070005)


Anyone know if i can do anything to fix it or do i need to wait for a uppdate from microsoft?




PS. Just love how you log on to steam to buy/start the game, then GTA wants some social club login and then when you start the game you need to log into the horribal GFWL to save and play the game.


edit. updatet to correct error code


Have you installed the latest .net framework shizz? I couldnt install Fences because of that issue. 

and yes, I'm using win8

running the .net 4.



I manage to instal GFWL now. To get around the problem i made a second user and installed it on that.