Getting VM to talk to local area network (Manjaro host)

I have spun up a couple of VMs in KVM /Qemu/ Virt-Manager and have gotten the default virtual network adapter working so I can see the internet from my VM as well as network access to and from the host.
Does anyone have any direction on opening up the VMs to my local area network? I have found some direction on the ubuntu forum, but nothing that sounds definitive / I dont know how much will translate to an Arch derivative. The local area network is about as rudimentary as I can get without any network segmentation (a workstation, a SBCs and a laptop and a NAS). It wouldn’t be much of an issue except that one of the VMs is a file server so full network access would be useful.

Option A: Setup a bridge using your choice of tools on the host adapter, then assign it to guests using virtio or emulated e1000 (i’d go virtio)

Option B: See if your network card supports SR-IOV, enable that and pass-through a copy of the card to your guests.

As mentioned, bridge the adapter

Went looking again and between some Manjaro forums and the libvirt networking page I managed to get a routed connection working so things seem to be happy now. It is not the most elegant solution, but yay network segmentation??? It was actually very straight forward in virt-manager.

If anyone finds this later see here.