Getting the sound from my mic to play over the speakers on Ubuntu

I am trying to run the audio from my PS4 from the computer monitor that it is set up with (the monitor has a standard 3.5 mm jack out to get sound from) through my linux box that has the speakers set up with it so that all of my audio sources are running off the same headphones. I currently am able to get this working with windows 10 when I select the “Listen” option in the sound options. but Ubuntu does not have that option. does anyone know a way to get this working in Ubuntu?

This is far out side of my area, but I used to use Virtual Audio Cable on Windows. Jack sounds like the Linux equivalent.

You may be able to do this in OBS as well.

I have tried Jack, and I cant seem to get it working…

Yeah, I gave it a go and can’t get it working either.

I have been playing around with OBS, no luck there either.

you could try running virtual audio cable in wine

Also worth a look:

Also worth a look:–-beginners-guide-getting-started-jack

ok, so after much tinkering I was able to get Jack to work. it took a lot of trial and error though…

pulse audio controll might work better.

is what i use to get computer sound to act like a mic.
Not what your after but should work in reverse