Getting ready to upgrade      planning on getting another of the same gpu maybe some light overclocking. So need mobo cpu psu suggestions.  keeping it amd

Is that build what you currently have or what you plan to get?

For some light overclocking, that is a lot of fans and a overkill cooler too.

For a flashy build with lots of fans, I would consider this:

Again, I am not sure what you using the machine for and what you have right now or not.

Thats the CPU Mobo and PSU I would recommend.

or maybe this motherboard if you got more money. This build also has the xfire you wanted with a higher power PSU

you really need to get the patriot memory with heat sinks, i own a set of  quad channel memory and they get hot even with the heatsinks.

That my current build wanting to go ahead and modify it for a duel 7870 s

Used to be a aircooled system. I do oc but usually its within .5 ghz so i am not a extreme overclocker.Mostly looking for quality over extreme performance.


My computer is a always on, multitasker that i game on.

plan on bringing all the monitors up to the same type and size after the core build is done

AMD doesnt support quad channel memory... Thats only certain intel sockets and chipsets.

OK, This is what i would probably go for then. The xfire configuration with the 8350 will be about 650 watts. This has an excellent 5 year warranty motherboard, and a very good 750 watt power supply.

As alternatives,

save money with the asrock extreme 4 990fx board ($129) It is also very good build quality but not as nice as the asus

If you wanted more wattage on the powersupply for future upgrades or soemthing... The sparkle 850 watt power supply ($130) is also a fantastic choice. Sparkle is one of the most underrated companies out there.

Here is a build that includes those.

ya liking the first option , Thanks.

Another thing to consider is the heatsink. 4.8-9 is the higher end of overclocking. The 8350 gets pretty hot. A way to save money on the cooler is to get a Noctua NH-D14 or the new phanteks dual tower. You have low profile rame so they will fit no problem and cool almost as well as the H100. Both are cheaper too.

Ya that parts list is my running rig now. I was aircooling till i go sick of listening to the fans. h100 i picked up for 60 dollars slapped it on a fan controller ripped the stock fans off  put some cougars on it . Really quiet now :)

noctua are really highly though of but omg they are ugly LOL


nice man.. your practically stole that H100 lol. I got a deepcool gamerstorm (not the assassin, but the original) with 2 noctua nf-f12's in push-pull and its silent.. that setup cost me $70 including the fans and it is surprisingly cool and quiet. My i5-3570k doesnt go over 63c at 4.5. even with summer ambient temps. How hot does yours get with the h100?

why are you spending more on fans then your mother board?

I havent overclocked my cpu yet just got it. But regular idle temps 10 to 12  regular loads temps low 20 s gaming load is 33 to 35. Really h100 wasnt cheap if you factor in better fans and a fan controller. Plus i had the problem of my ram tabs being in the way of the cougars . Had to go find gelid fans slim to use in the push pull. I win because its quiet and cool but i didnt really save a buck.

Ya only 54 for the biostar . Intend on upgrading the board to crossfire another 7870 and throw 8 core and overclock at a later date. So just getting the case ready now.


That AOC monitor is not nearly as boarderless as they try and advertise it is. Unless they changed it.

agreed, need to do better research before i update my monitors.

Those are really nice temps man. I think your machine will be a beast with the upgades. Before you get the xfire though, something to consider is the vram for triple monitoring... Even in xfire you will still only have 2gb of vram. It might be worth getting a newer high end graphics card with mor vram for triple monitors. maybe you could sell the 7870 you have and get a single gtx 780, or crossfire with 3+gb of vram. of course this is all more money then.