Getting ready for BF4

so its almost time! Preloading right now. I finally got around to installing my cooler master hyper 212 evo that i had sitting in my closet because i didn't feel like doing it. Dusted it out while i had it opened up. Then i updated every driver i could. Oh new amd beta driver up as of 10/25 in case you haven't got it yet. Then i bumped up my 7850 to 990mhz core and 1390mhz mem. ok so i could also use some more of you guys to play with add me on orgin Arcanum462.


Might as well throw me in there too. Username is Firedcylinder just like here. Already preloaded and jittering waiting for it to officially launch.

i would like to play with some serious players but i am in Australia anyways my origin is EDSTOR

Will be starting an ALL NIGHT launch play tomorrow night. Already have the game preloaded, ready to go! Feel free to add me to Origin/Steam if you wanna squad up. Tag is Beezleybuzz.

Can't wait to play just checked and its unlocking midnight eastcoast time. Names c4maniacs on origin if anyone wants to add me I'll probably be streaming on twitch too.

Will be on tomorrow night. add me on origin, same as my forum name: funboyrule

unlocks 9pm my time, sweet more time for me to play

looks like we have a 5 man squad now. i suggest we put TEK as clan tag to represent Tek Syndicate. look forward to seeing you guys tonight!

Pre-Order BF4 Standard + Premium Membership ... Check! :) Looking forward to it!


I'm going to wait a bit for the premium membership but I do plan on getting it.

I got a TS 3 server running if anyone wants to join in the mean time. Feel free to join to shoot the shit, talk strat, or whatever. IP:

Hopefully the servers don't implode and we end up playing the SP campaign.

I say waiting is a great idea, since whoever bought the Digital Deluxe version already has the first DLC.

Already been playing it for the day. Been getting a lot of Blue screens and one random Red screen reboot :/

I spent a considerable amount of time contemplating if I should wait and pick up a bargain deal down the road for the Premium sub, then I came to the realization it is only $56; so for me it was ...meh. 

In saying that, I can see why people would prefer to hold out and be less inclined to splash cash. Chalk it up to personal situation I guess.

i'll be on as well. st3ll4r on origin

I will also be playing, origin name is PAIPESZ if you wanna add me

Best.... avatar.... ever....

Also, will be on tomorrow as I did not preorder to preload and by the time my download actually starts, it will be about 2 hours before I have to wake up for work.

Add me. Liferescripted, as always


PORT 9880

Let me know how well it runs, especially those guys that are using hardware similar to mine.  Specs are in my profile.

I just played a few matches with my 660ti and I was getting 60+ on high/med settings with no AA.  Make sure you use the latest drivers full spec on profile btw.  I was actually getting about the same fps I get in bf3 on high/med settings.