Getting Razer Synapse 2 or 3 installed on a Linux Machine

For the macros you can use any generic keyboard macro program under Linux, I don’t see why it needs a “Razer compatible” sticker because… that’s not a thing? A macro is a macro and you can use it on any keyboard even if it doesn’t have macro functionality.

And you already have something for the lighting, so I’m not sure what the deal is…

As I mentioned in my last post, I haven’t dealt with gaming mouse or keyboard before, so I thought you needed Synapse or a program like Synapse to make macros for games and programs. Now Polychromatic and Open Razer only support my keyboard, not the mouse. Have to make a request they add support for my mouse. It was just completely dumb luck Open Razer supports my keyboard because I didn’t do any research before purchasing my new keyboard and mouse.

Unfortunately on Linux we don’t get the luxury of buying things without research and having everything work.

That said there does seem to be support for other versions of the DeathAdder, one would hope it would be easy to implement with what they already have.

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No, Synapse is essentially just malware you purchase with a 200$ product :man_shrugging:

Either way as an alternative you can probably use something like Xbindkeys:

Macros are mentioned further down using xmacro and/or xdotool.

Haven’t looked for Mouse macros but I’m sure it can be done too.

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raze synapse malware? the fuck? yea it’s heavy on the system but it’s not malware, the reason it’s heavy is doing the chroma animation, if you’ve ever owned a razer chroma device and played in razer synapse chroma studio you could do a lot with it! you could create so many animations and open razer comes nowhere near razer synapse, you can’t create custom animations, only per key static colours

  1. This thread is dead for 6 months
  2. I was referring to the various privacy issues on Synapse and that it needs to run to even be able to use certain devices.
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