Getting Perforce Setup - Unreal Engine

Hey all, I’m a 3D Artist trying to get a project together and when it comes to networking stuff, I’m not the greatest. I want to get my project setup in Perforce, so that when I eventually get a programmer on the team, they can have access to the project. I was wondering if someone can video call or screen share and walk me through the process. I tried tutorials but doesn’t seem to work. I get lost around server setup process.

Your help would be greatly appreciated!

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Any specific reason for Perforce? I’m trying to understand what it does, but there’s so much “Agile”-Buzzword things going on, that i don’t have a clue.

Depending on what your project is, i’d do it much easier. If you are two people (eventually) working on one project, you can go from just putting it on a network share, if you’re in the same space, to some git solution.
I’m pretty sure most programmers would appreciate git of some sort. It let’s you share your work while at the same time giving you Version Controll. With something like github or gitlab you simultaneously get Bug-Tracking and can do basic work assignements, etc.
And that’s all for free with minimal setup involved.

So, what’s your requirement exactly? How does the project look and what filesizes are we talking about? Also, what OS are you working with? Mac, Windows or Linux?

Perforce is a version control system specifically tailored towards the requirements of game developers. It’s sort of an industry standard if you will. Git doesn’t lend itself well to the filetypes that are required in game development (specifically 3D Models and Textures). I don’t know how they do it in the backend exactly, but they supposedly work around the issues Git has with those filetypes.

I only looked into it years ago, but from what I know it can also interact with Git in some way.

That being said, I never set it up myself so I can’t help there. But since it’s a commercial product, they should have some kind of support?

@domsch1988 Yes, exactly what @mihawk90 said. I’ve worked with many teams over 7 years and anything other than Perforce for game development always gave us a headache lol. We’ll be working with Windows OS, and while there will be one other person, there will actually to be at least 10-12 people (further along the lines though).

@mihawk90 Yeah they have a support team, I suppose I could contact them. I was just wondering if I could get something a little more hands on since I learn a little better that way. They have training courses, but the prices are a bit steep.

Oh cool, that makes total sense then.
Sadly i’ll not be able to help with that then. I’ll follow this though, and good luck with what ever Project you have planned.

Since you are a Unreal dev, can you investigate how to properly multithread the rendering thread? I know it’s impossible in DX11, so can you find out the proper ways to multithread the rendering thread that can help performance on games with heavy use of volumetric effects?

BTW took a look at your site, some impressive work you got there :ok_hand:

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Thanks man!

@mihawk90 @FurryJackman @domsch1988 (or anyone else).

Hey all, bringing this back to the surface. So since my last post I got perforce up an running, however there’s a few things I need help with if anyone would be so kind.

1). I have someone helping me with my project, so I’m not the only one working on it as of now. I would like to change the “Server (P4PORT)” from the default ‘1666’ to something a little more relevant to my project. E.g. “[Project name]:1666”

2). How do I give my latest team member access to the project? I already have his user profile setup from the Admin settings. When working with SVN there’s typically a URL provided. I know it’s a bit different with perforce.

Thank you again for your support.

EDIT: So I learned that when installing perforce, you setup a host name for clients to connect to. I’m not sure how to obtain that and share it with my team member. Also is there a way to change the host name?

I can’t really help with that I’m afraid, since I never used Perforce myself. Only took a look at it quite a while back, but never set it up :frowning:

I imagine this could help though:

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