Getting OSX to work with GPU passthrough, "Hackintosh VMs"

just thought you guys might like to know near-baremetal performance is possible on OSX VMs now.


If it can do Premiere CC on a single NUMA node of a Threadripper, I’m sold.

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Yeah I’ve been running macOS on my 1950X for a few months now, works very well and haven’t had any issues with updates so far.

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Hackintosh VMs make a lot of sense. When you run MacOS on bare metal non-apple hardware, it’s a huge pain in the ass loading kernel extensions, setting up the hardware tables, getting iMessage, facetime, and continuity to work, etc, and it often breaks whenever you update. Who wants to deal with that crap for something you actually work on? In a VM you can just take a snapshot before updating and all that stress melts away.


yeah that was my main motivation for setting it up in a VM. Plus, running macOS on Ryzen bare metal requires some messy patches to the kernel, which running in KVM+QEMU avoids entirely since your CPU is detected as Intel to the guest.

BTW, I’ve had success passing through a bootable NVMe drive. Using my VM with a 950 Pro NVMe drive passed through.

i440fx tends to perform better on modern hardware and GPUs by the way, this is the only guide I know of that isn’t using q35. might be worth a look.

Pity it’s still illegal (or rather, a violation of the software license), unless you’re running your host Linux install on a Mac…

It may be cool. It may be desirable. it may make a lot of sense from a development or support perspective. But unfortunately the software license doesn’t permit it :-\

because that’s ever stopped anyone from doing anything under the sun before

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No, it probably won’t stop anything. But you’re doing pretty much the exact same thing as windows piracy here…

I just wish they’d change their license to permit this. Right now for example, I can’t spin up a copy of MacOS inside of vSphere for things like iOS update proxying, iOS profile development, etc.

I have an xserve3,1 ESXi 6.5 host and a MacPro5,1 ESXi 6.7 host that work out of the box. I don’t think APFS is supported yet, but it’s completely functional for running Profile Manager, Cache, etc…

I wasn’t able to get i440fx working using this guide. It hangs trying to boot into Clover for me. Everything works fine in q35.

If anyone has this running, I’d love to see the xml for their vm. I’m not trying to do any hardware passthrough. I’d just like a macOS VM that performs well.

I have been using a Mac OS X VM for some time in the past (haven’t touched it in a while). This is perfectly legal here in Germany. I have bought the Snow Leopard DVD in the official Apple Store and since I wasn’t able to read the EULA before the purchase, it isn’t valid. And I feel perfectly fine about this. :slight_smile: