Getting most out of hardware for PFSense (and more?)

From my understanding a basic PFSense install doesn’t require much hardware to run, but I’m not sure how the hardware requirements grow once you start doing more than firewall and routing. I’d prefer to not let most of the hardware sit unused (unless that’s actually preferable).


Network speed is typically 50Mbps down, 10 Mbps up

I believe I have to still go through ATT’s box.

Things I’d like to do:

  • Route all traffic through a vpn such as PIA (I’ve had issues with ATT in the past that disappeared as soon as I opened a vpn connection)
  • Ability to vpn back into my home network from outside
  • Possibly network wide adblocking
  • Some sort of traffic monitoring
  • Maybe some sort of caching service (I’m not sure if this would be that beneficial to me)

I’m interested in hearing critiques on the setup I posted above, and other ideas to use more of the hardware. Also any pertinent guides would be welcomed :slight_smile:

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Caching is dead as a service for the most part with https taking over more and more sites and such. So don’t worry about that. Other things can be done though. The 50mbps and 10 up won’t be that great over a VPN connection for all your stuff to be routed through but go ahead and set it up and try it out. Let us know how it goes and we got plenty of people here to help with any issues you may have.