Getting into PC gaming

Im going to be getting into pc gaming soon. The only problem is actually getting the money for the PC. I am going to build it myself and its gonna cost roughly $540. I sold my Playstation that i never used so i can get some money for it and as of right now i have $340 saved up. I am only 14 and have almost no other way of getting money rather then just selling stuff. I would sell my xbox to go buy it its just that my friends are strictly console gamers and i have almost no other way of thatlking to them as they go to a different school as I do. I was wondering if you guys think that its a good idea to sell my xbox and get the pc that ive been wanting for about 8 months now.

go for pc gaming for sure! way better graphics an even better community and endless possibiltys for games to play 

i know i am gonna go for pc gaming and i already knew all that stuff i just need to decide wether to sell my xbox or just wait it out (the only reason i think ive been playing xbox is i cant play pc and id rather be plaing pc)

Let me put it this way. You will play pc games for about a week, and never touch your xbox again: ever. (Sorry for those who do use consoles) I just cannot go back now. PC offers unrivaled graphics, immersion, mod oppurtunities, communities and precision.

May i ask what games you will be playing?

And by the way, im 14 too :P

im still not entirely sure if i should sell my xbox, im probably gonna talk to my friends and if they dont really care or anything i think im gonna sell it

What's a con..sul?

But seriously.. I was about 14 when I built my first pc.

Athlon xp 2700+ 2.17ghz (OC 2.3ghz), Asus A7V8X-X motherboard, 1x512MB DDR PC 3200 ram, 80gb HDD 7200rpm, Radeon 9200 128mb vram.

Man was that thing a beauty 11 years ago. It had a blue neon strip at the bottom that flashed when I played games or music. Man was I cool.. 

But enough of that. 

It took me about 6 months of saving before I was able to afford it. I mowed lawns, collected cans, saved my lunch money, etc.. Pretty much anything and everything possible to save cash.

If you see a penny dive for it and pop it in the jar!

Good luck!