Getting Into LOL

ok so ive played smite before but in league what do i need to learn coming from smite?


Da Bump


Dunno about Smite that much, but basically you need to find 2-3 comfortable champions to play in the beginning. You buy champion with IP, which you accrue by playing games. Of course, you can put in real money and buy some champions. But don't worry there are always 10 free champions per week to play with. Also, you can buy runes or put talents into a talent tree to further customize your champion. Some good champions to start: Ashe, Sivir, Annie, Master Yi, Kayle, Soraka. Some of them are AD (attack damage) and some are AP (ability power) based.

At the start you will probably be raged at since some people are just ragey trolls. Just ignore and report them after the game. If you want to play casually, ARAM (all random all mid) and Dominion maps are quite faster and more n00b friendly. That's some basic stuff, if you have more questions, feel free to ask :).

well i have played aram with my lvl30 friend. He was janna, i was sivir so i like sivir and i will keep at em. Thanks :3.Anymore tips