Getting ethernet to work using Killer E2500

i'm trying to get ethernet working on a GA-Z270X-Gaming K5. i currently have opensuse leap installed on the motherboard and its cant connect to the network. i've looked around and found out the culprit was the Killer E2500 though all the posts i can find about it are 3-4 months old. i'm just wondering if it's fixed on any other distro or a fix for it on suse.

This goes under catecory of bleeding edge tech!
Have you checked out that you got the latest kernel?

44.27 2 its what ever the newest opensuse leap ships with are there other distros with a more up to date kernel? also i wouldnt call it bleeding edge tech its been out for about 7 months

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I warn that i have not checked the facts here, but if i remember right, I heard the "Arch_guys" bragging about having the most bleeding edge linux there is and ofcourse allways mentioning AUR repo.

My PC is loaded with Solus_OS atm. It's nice.

I hope you find solution to your system.

ok i got it working using ubuntu 17.04. leaps kernel is probably outdated probably will work when the new leaps out in a few days. thanks for your help

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Leap runs an older kernel, but not an outdated kernel.

If I remember correctly, OpenSUSE Leap progress stalled for awhile.

But, if you ever find yourself in a situation where something like that doesn't work, switching to a later kernel should be your go-to response, distro agnostic; just what ever runs the latest main line.

right but if i don't have internet connectivity how can i update my kernel

USB tethering from a phone, USB wifi/ethernet, USB flash drive containing updated kernel packages, etc.

then head to the nearest library, starbucks, mc donals, any place that offers free wifi.

Often Universities have librarys that are open to the public with which they can provide internet. You'll have to have like a flash drive handy in case you needed to reinstall anything.

and since:

You obviously have access to the internet, so why ask that obvious question?

killer e2500 is the nic i may have internet but not on the computer i need the kernel update on and a library or starbucks also wouldn't help since i don't have a wifi card either way its solved now


But if you are ever in a situation where you have no internet on the machine, you can download what you need from installation disks.

Spend $15 and get an Intel NIC. Not worth the pain of dealing with Killer. They suck on Windows and suck on Linux.