Getting CoD MW legally?

This is the first game where i’m starting to see the issues with our modern Distribution models and remasters and always online stuff.

I played the Original Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 a ton back then. Single Player Campaign only. Now, i wanted to revisit both games. Well, turns out MW got a Remaster that’s universally hated.

So, is there any option to legally get hold of a proper version of the original Modern Warfare other than getting the Discs from Ebay or such? GoG and such don’t seem to have it and any other place i looked only has the remaster.

It is still sold on steam, at least in N/A

I don’t think gog has ever had cod at all, pretty sure for pc it is either disk or steam only.


Steam doesn’t work?

EDIT: Sniped!

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Thank you both. I’ll try it at home on my PC. Maybe, because of remaster and stuff i just wasn’t able to find it in the store. I’ll check if this works in my German Steam client. On my work PC i can at least see it.

I didn’t realise remastered was a separate product, I thought it came with one of the other titles later on?

Like Advance warfare, or infinity warfare, or endgame warfare

And a pretty bad one at that, judging by the reviews…
Add to that, that MW is the Name of the new, now to come CoD and the confusion is perfect.

I believe it came with a later Call of Shooty release or you could buy it separately.