Getting clip art into office 2013

So I was putting together a presentation earlier today and I found myself wanting some simple retro graphics... the old microsoft clip art images to be specific.. They are all by the same artist and fit together.... don't judge me. I went searching in my powerpoint 2013 and I couldn't find them, then on the web and I found out they were removed as of december last year... I was pretty pissed.

Anyway. I have old office 98, 2003 pro, 2007, and 2010 disks still and I wanted to find a way to import them into office 2013. I did a custom install to get the files, but the image files have systematic names and not anything useful. Anyone know how to turn the files back into searchable files or import them into office 2013? (I have full versions of all of them).

**please dont suggest useing google or bing images.. I know it is available, but I wanted specific images and I wanted a specific style.