Getting bad performance on gaming

Hello to all, I’ve been making the transition to VFIO but I’m not getting good performance while gaming. My rig i7 8700, 16 gram, GTX1660Ti, ssd passed to the VM and pinned 10 cores to get as near to bare metal just to not go back to bare metal windows for only gaming. As my host I’m using the iGPU and arch linux. Also jut using the host for Discord and some YouTube.
As an example on bare metal on Cold War I’m getting almost 144 FPS but on the VM with the same settings I’m getting 90 FPS(edited)

One common mistake people make is to get the hyperthread topography wrong. Sometimes the hyperthread pairs are CPU 0,1 and some other systems an 8 core might have CPU 0,8.

If you get this wrong the guest operating system will think it is scheduling tasks onto independent cores when it is actually stacking them onto the same core.

You can check in Linux by looking at the sysfs files. Like this:

$ grep .  /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/topology/core_cpus_list

Or the lstopo program is kind of neat.

That is just one possibility I can think of right now.



I have set it up correctly no pinned this cores