Getting an android screen to display on the pc?

i cant use built in android emulator that comes with android studio. however i im fine using my google nexus 7 for testing. however i was wondering if there was a way to display the screen from my tablet on the pc? i know android studio can take still images of screen but i cant find a way to get the screen to display on the pc. or am i just being dumb and missing a setting in the dev options?

I used to use this a while back to do what you're looking for. It looks like it's changed quite a lot since I messed with it last, but should still work fine. The only issue is that the frame rate was generally very low and you had to have the device rooted to pass input from the PC to the device. But without root it should work fine as a display tunnel.

cool thanks, im going to try this out.

FYI: Although still not as good as developing on a device, I have found that the gennymotion emulator is much much better than the one that comes with the android sdk.!/

so I downloaded ennymotion and its working better then the stock one that comes with android studio. thanks for the help!